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#15 Health as Commons – Struggles in Europe
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[ENG] In this show we hear from different struggles around healthcare in Europe, notably from Greece, Spain and Italy. Health is under attack everywhere in Europe, to various extents and in different ways. Starting from the concrete experiences of people organizing themselves as communities to produce commons we reflect more broadly about how the concept of commons is politically useful to us and to reorganize our societies.

This show is based on the recording of a collective conversation at a European meeting that took place in Madrid at the end of february 2014, where there was a host of workshops and public debates about the current crisis and social movements. In the commons workshop we focussed on healthcare amongst other things, worked towards a document on health commons and a network to organise transnationally.

The projects discussed here are Solidarity Health Clinics in Greece, based on the example of Thessaloniki; the Yo Si Sanidad Universal Campaign in Spain and particularly Madrid; the Zero81 social centre in Naples that offers a popular clinic; campaigns against patents and for access to medicine at the level of the European Parliament, told by a member of the Greens; and the assembly of medial students at La Spaienza University in Italy, developing new visions of the health profession.

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